Breast Feeding Scarf Navy

Breast Feeding Scarf Navy

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Breast Feeding Scarf Navy

2 in 1 infinity breastfeeding scarf

Shy about Breastfeeding in public?

Enjoy privacy and the benefit of seeing your baby breastfeed with a uniquely designed fashion scarf that also doubles as a breastfeeding cover.


The KissKiss HugHug infinity scarf is truly your ultimate winter fashion accessory. In addition to being practical to breastfeed your child when you’re out and about, it also gives you a stylish look!


Soft, easy and versatile, this scarf can be worn as a simple fashionable item around your neck, your shoulders or even your head.


Design Features


Wear as a scarf and then as a cover for your breastfeeding baby

See baby while breastfeeding

Full coverage - front and back

Simple and versatile

Stylish & lightweight

80cm inner circumference x 65cm wide

100% premium cotton